Income Reporting

Keeping track of income is essential to your business. PillowCheck provides you with a variety of tools to view your income flows in a number of different formats.

Income Summary (view) A brief sumary for a given time period
Income Flow (view) A detailed list of all transactions for a given time period
Income Breakdown (view) A day by day summary of income broken down by payment method
Monthly Income Comparison (view) Monthly imcome summaries by room or room type with aggregated totals


Find out your occupancy rates, total number of check ins, average lengths of stay and average rate per stay. Report can be created to show results by individual room as well as by room type.

Income and Occupancy Statistics (view) View income and occupancy statistics by room or by room type for a given time period.

Customer Reporting

Find your customers quickly and easily, access past stays, remeber customer preferences.

Customer List A list of all customers with addresses
Detailed Customer History   View the full history of a customer including all inquiries, reservations, cancellations, etc.

Daily Maintenance

View all of the day's scheduled activity on a single page. Keep track of guests checking in and checking out with direct links to the reservation sheet. this is an excellent report for cleaning staff.

Daily Housekeeping View all of the day's scheduled activity on a single page. See all check ins and check outs.