Paperless Efficiency

PillowCheck removes your dependence on paper. Eliminate paper calendars which can become unreadable from erase marks, white out and notes to your self. All reservations and payments are stored electronically on our computers.

PillowCheck allows you to access any reservation at any time. You no longer need to search through a notebook or file cabinet to find a reservation you made weeks or months ahead of time.

Easily manage inquiries and quotes you have given to potential guests. No more trying to remember what rate you gave them or having to take their word for any special rates you may or may not have given them.

Total Managment

PillowCheck gives you full control of your rental property. Our systems give you an overview of how your property is operating as well as the ability to manage and change every small detail to cutomize how you do business and maximize occupancy and revenue.


PillowCheck automates

Visual Representation

View your reservations visually on screen. PillowCheck creates a calendar screen with all of your reservations shown graphically. At a glance you can see which of your rooms are occupied and which guests are fully paid.

Interactive Reservations

Make reservations months or even years in advance. PillowCheck remembers the customer, the dates of stay, rates, and comments about the stay. Bring up any reservation or inquiry in seconds to view or cahnge any detail of that stay.

Overbooking Protection

PillowCheck will not allow you to accidentally put two people in the same room. When a guest inquires about a stay, the system will only show rooms which are available for the full time the guest is requesting.

Rate Management

Manage multiple rates for your rooms throughout the year. You can set the rate for each room and you can have a different rate for every day of the year; or you can set up rate periods throughout the year. PillowCheck will use the rate rules you set up to automatically calculate the rate for a given stay. No more searching for a calculator or having to count on your fingers to compute an accurate rate for your guests.


Make changes to reservations easily and quickly. Add or change contact information for your guest. PillowCheck allows you to change almost every detail of a reservation. It will also allow you to recompute rates if the dates change or the guest wishes to chnage to a larger room.

Ease of Use

PillowCheck was designed to be easy to learn, easy to set up, and easy to make changes. PillowCheck runs through your internet browser, there is no complicated software to install. Just point and click to start using PillowCheck. Use the intuitive screens to manage your property, make changes and learn about your property.