Paperless system Eliminate complicated and error prone filing systems. Manage your property on easy to read screens
Visual Representation See your rooms and reservations visually on screen. Details about your customers and reservations are only a click away.
Error free Reservations Quickly and easily make reservations and give out quotes. Never accidentally overbook.
Custom Look Customize your printable reservation sheet to match the look and feel of your accommodation.
Quotes and Bookings Instantly recall any reservation or quote.
Customer Management Remember past customers and never misplace a phone number or e-mail again.
Rooms & Rates Powerful tools to manage rooms and rates. Group your rooms into categories and create rate periods to maximize profitability.
Rate Computations Pillowcheck uses your room and rate schedule to automatically compute reservation rates.
Making Changes Changes to reservations are only a few clicks away. Extend stays, recompute rates, change rooms easily.
Access Anywhere Keep a watchful eye on your property from anywhere. Secure, Web technology gives you access to your property from the office, home, or vacation.
Flexibility Customize PillowCheck to meet your needs.
Built in communications Integrated e-mail allows you to create e-mail templates to communicate with your customers. Built in e-mail functionality sends quotes, confirmations and thank-yous for you.
Wait Lists Create wait lists in busy times. If a guest cancels, have a list of customers readily available to re-fill your rooms.
Referral Management Track leads, advertising campaigns and referral sources.


Income Reporting  
  Income Summary View Gross and Net Income for any date period.
  Income Flow View all income transactions for a date period
  Income Breakdown Track income by different mapyment methods for easy month end balancing.
Yearly Comparisons Compare the current years performance and income with performance from previous years.
Occupancy rates Get up to the minute occupancy rates, by room, room type or property wide
Commission reports View reservations by referral source and track commissions due to travel agents and rental services.
Statistics Gain valuable about your customers with up to the minute statistics on length of stay, average rate, total number of check ins and more.
Monthly Income View income by room or room type on a monthly and yearly basis, useful for benchmarking and goal setting.
Customer Lists See all of your customers
Customer History Keep track of return customers - see all inquiries, past stays and room preferences.
Daily Housekeeping See all check-ins and check-outs for a given day as well as see which rooms are occupied.


Easy to install No new software is needed. PillowCheck runs through your web browser and works on most computers with an internet connection.
User access
PAssword protected access to the PillowCheck system.
For Pro Users, you can set up multiple users so everyone who uses your system has his/her own user name with specific access privileges.
Privileges Restrict access for certain employees and grant privileged access to others.
Security Password protect your system securely.

Customer Support (Pro Users Only)

Personal Service We provide you with an indivuidual account representative who will work with you from setup and then through support. You will have a single point of cantact
Help and Support

If you have problems or questions, contact your account representative. Your account rep knows the ins and outs of the PillowCheck system as well as the details of your accommodation.

We know that getting acquainted witha new system is difficult. Your account representative will work with you over e-mail to get your property customized to your liking.